3rd ICAP Project meeting

3rd ICAP Project meeting

The meeting was attended by 7 experts:
• Judith Sinic – W3C
• Elena Sandri – INNOVAFVG
• Herfried Lammer – W3C
• Christoph Jocham – W3C
• Luigi Valan – INNOVAFVG
• Giuseppe Da Cortà – CERTOTTICA
• Georg Strauss – Material Center Tyrol

Partners went through the WPs to make the point of the situation and plan activities.

Partner discussed how to proceed and the following events was planned:

  1. Workshop: PVD treatment of frames (end of Novembre 2017, Certottica)
  2. Workshop: PVD treatment and plasma treatment for functionalization of different product surfaces (Jan. 2018, Innsbruck)
  3. Workshop: Plasma activation and Plasma coating of different substrates for various applications (Feb.-March 2018, W3C)
  4. Seminar: Plasma technologies for activation and coating (Apr. 2018, INNOVAFVG).

Concerning the Identification of necessities of SME, a list was made by Certottica, by the University of Innsbruck and by INNNOVA FVG, an overview of situation in Carinthia was made by W3C.

Concerning Plasma treatments and characterization of surfaces, activities already done was examinated:

  • Characterization of untreated and plasma treated wooden materials
  • Measurement of the thermal impact of the plasma jet
  • PVD coating pre-tests on wood-based materials and on titanium frames
  • Metallization pre-tests of plastic frames

Sinic exposes W3C activities during the reporting period.

The proposed date of the next meeting is Jan 25th by INNOVAFVG in Amaro.

The partner visited the laboratories of Wood Carinthian Competence Center.  The partners thanked W3C for their hospitality.


3°Project Meeting ICAP_21.09.2017.pdf